Predictable set up for next Avengers

Picking up where "Captain American: Civil War" ended T'Challa returns to the kingdom of Wakanda to be crowned king. But, before that, we have a quick trip to 1992 Oakland which sets the stage for a big twist in the second half! Just kidding, nothing about this predictable comic book action flick is even mildly unexpected. Then he goes on a quick rescue mission that ends up surprising the Black Panther. When we finally get to the coronation it involves a challenge to the death, as it so often does. 

An age old enemy resurfaces and T'Challa promises to bring him back dead or alive. The mission does not go as planned and Klaue is rescued by Killmonger who uses advanced technology. Returning empty handed, T'Challa wonders about Killmonger and where he got the technology he used. Everyone in the audience knows who he is and is not surprised when he turns up at the home of T'Challa's trusted friend with the body of of Klaue. Nor are they surprised when he challenges T'Challa for the crown leading to, you guessed it, another challenge to the death with an even more predictable conclusion.

There is a lot of action and some very cool characters including Black Panther's personal Q, Shuri, who is not only the leading scientist of the vastly technologically advanced country but is T'Challa's sister and a princess. General Okoye, the leader of the king's person guard is outstanding but why does she and her soldiers carry staff weapons when there are amazing energy weapons everywhere?

The politics get a little thick at times, but overall, "Black Panther" is a satisfying lead up to the next Avenger's movie.

Review by David Ramsey​​